Complete Visibility

At a glance a Workshop controller can see all activity in their workshop, at that moment, so they can help improve efficiency

Identify Bottlenecks

Customer not arrived? Are tasks taking too long? You can query every single movement by looking at areas taking too long

Drill Down

If you need to contact a customer regarding an unexpected issue you can easily get to their phone number and much more


Best Process Use

Job Progress uses current workshop processes, such as clocking on to a job, to help the flow – meaning nothing else needs to happen to see this full view

Complete view of your Workshop

A full screen report displaying live activity within your Workshop. Split by traffic light colour coding, providing search capabilities, and more. Job Progress Reporting lets you effectively manage your Workshop.

job progress - GRAYHAMS

Easily manage Workshop tasks from start to finish

The screen is split into 3 main sections – In (arrivals), Work In Progress, Out (completed). Within each section is each job, further split into the tasks associated with the job. At any one point, you can easily click through and see how well your Workshop is progressing as well as highlighting any bottlenecks that need resolving.

job progress 1 - GRAYHAMS

Logical Flow

The Job Progress screen is split into 3 sections: Jobs In, Work In Progress and Jobs Out, giving the Workshop Manager a single view of what is happening in the Workshop at any given time. Each task is colour coded to give an alert of jobs taking too long, or vehicles that haven’t been received. Managed by completion of tasks, technicians clockings provide live updates on where the job is in the workshop.

job progress 2 - GRAYHAMS

Start Analysing

Record customer contact history, amend a job and invoice details or change the technician status of the job. The Job Progress screen can drill down to every single related detail, such as a customer’s phone number. This screen can also free up service advisor time and give accurate customer feedback. Workshop users can instantly see if a job has an outstanding health check item, a loan car booking or needs delivering back to a customer by a certain time.

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Grayhams supports entrepreneurs in the automotive sector thanks to the application of the leading and future oriented Pinewood DMS.

Grayhams is the exclusive dealer of Pinewood, the innovative DMS for the automotive industry.

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