Visitors at a glance

Easily view all of your appointments for the day, expected arrival times, and their full CRM record including previous experiences and their next desired vehicle


Digital Job Cards

Sign off raised work easily with your customers with a digital signature on the app. Once complete, it is saved to the relevant documents and you’re ready to commence work

Record Arrival Videos

When the vehicle arrives on site, take a quick video within the app to show its current condition and report any damage, protecting your staff from possible liability claims.


Full Health Checks

Complete a vehicle health check with your customer to provide full transparency on issues that could otherwise deem the vehicle unsafe and improve customer trust

Improve customer experience and simplify processes

From professionally welcoming sales and service customers to completing full vehicle appraisals, our multi-platform Host+ app streamlines processes and ensure that technology does not disrupt efficiency or the customer experience. The app links seamlessly with the CRM module in the Pinewood dealer management system to support dealers by making customer communication and interaction even easier.

Available across 4 different device platforms

Host+ is available on iOS devices (iPad and iPod/iPhone) and Microsoft (Tablet and Phone)

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For Windows

host ipad anim - GRAYHAMS

For iPad

The app, designed for use within the showroom by reception, sales, or service teams, is the perfect tool to enable dealers to meet, greet, manage and contact their customers. Customer details can be displayed and edited, including contact history, current and desired vehicle details, planned contact, CSI responses and even customer social media content.

Service teams can use the app to meet customers and acknowledge the customer arrival at the service department ready for the customer to be received at the service reception. This feature, when used in conjunction with Pinewood Job Progress, allows busy dealers to manage peak time service reception bottlenecks.


Sales teams will be able to view their contact diary and daily sales contact schedule when used in conjunction with the Pinewood Outlook plugin all calendar information can be seen in one view.

Walk in customers can be created, used vehicle stock can be viewed and where dealers use partner online appraisal systems these can be integrated into the sales process.
A socially linked CRM record allows anyone using the app to get a glimpse into the customer’s recent social activity – from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
In-app video recording allows dealers to record a new message or select one from their library. It also allows a series of clips to be stitched together into a single sequence for a professional video. The can be emailed directly within the app and automatically saved against the customer’s record.
Our integration with AUTOi seamlessly links throughout the app to allow the simple creation of vehicle appraisals. A step-by-step process through to completion can be marked with any damage, supported by photo and video proof or using notes.

All information is communicated behind the scenes and available instantly as contact history within Pinewood so you can complete the process by applying the valuation ahead of preparing a purchase or sales deal.

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For Windows Phone

This truly mobile version of Host+ packs in the same range of features as the tablet/desktop version, and will arm any sales team with the tools needed to deliver outstanding customer service. Users simply search for a customer, select the customer, take a video and then send it to the customer.

host iphone anim - GRAYHAMS

For iPhone

This lighter version of Host+ is designed to aid sales teams in the quick creation of customer videos, this shoot and send app makes full use of pocket convenience. Users simply search for a customer, select the customer, take a video and then send it to the customer.

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