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Any data with related location data can be added to a map for analysis, giving you full control over the information you’re trying to present

All Sales Types

Spend Mapping can display parts sales, workshop sales, and vehicle sales allowing you run specific reports


Split Retail & Trade

Your trade accounts are likely to be completely different to your retail customers. Split these out and select one for analysis


Change Catchment

Easy rule slider allows you to determine the catchment area of interest to you, real-time, so you can see what works best for you

Visualising customer data for easy actioning

Display a range of spend maps visually on an interactive Bing map. Vehicle Sales (also displaying retained customers), Parts Sales and Workshop Spend Maps give your dealership data-rich reporting..

spend mapping - GRAYHAMS

Quickly display the catchment of your customers on a fully interactive Bing map

Select distance from a location to see which customers fall within this area. Change, analyse again.

spend mapping 1 - GRAYHAMS

Parts, Workshop and Vehicle Customers

The dealership location is highlighted in the centre of the map. A quick glance will show you how far people travel to your dealership for a Workshop visit, for example. Pinpoint a range of customers on the map by customer type and click through to view their customer spend.

spend mapping 2 - GRAYHAMS

Start Analysing

The report is fully interactive, displaying geographical hotspots relative to your site, and allows you to analyse patterns of retail, trade, internal or trade service activity by Month and Year. You will be able to quickly identify geographical areas that might require further targeted marketing. Perhaps an SMS campaign to your local Workshop customers could be scheduled this weekend? Is advertising in the local paper for new Vehicles justified in your report?

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Grayhams supports entrepreneurs in the automotive sector thanks to the application of the leading and future oriented Pinewood DMS.

Grayhams is the exclusive dealer of Pinewood, the innovative DMS for the automotive industry.

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