Customer Authorisation

Check results are sent via email/SMS to your customer where they can review the information and select which items they’d like to go ahead with, all online

Inspection Video

Point and click inspection videos can be created, as well as merging multiple takes of clips, to show your customer what they need to look at

Device Integration

Checks can be easily created as part of the Tech+ app and are saved directly in Pinewood against the full check – iOS and Windows compatible


Data Accuracy

With one integrated system, everything is contained with the Pinewood ecosystem. No need for rekeying, uploads, or any other pointless processes

Remove need for extra systems and re-keying errors

Pinewood provides a native custom-built VHC solution free of charge. Our integrated checks run throughout our system and provide a whole host of benefits such as data accuracy, the speed of completion, device integration and no need to rekey, all designed to make the VHC as simple as possible.

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Once the VHC is completed, Pinewood sends the results of the check to the customer via email or SMS

This communication contains an inspection video, a cost estimate, and the ability to authorise the work.

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VHC Check-list

Easy to complete checklist, utilising Workshop’s shortcode system for speedy recommendation input. Complete the checklist within the DMS, and utilise multiple functionality benefits. VHC is held against every Vehicle record, making it easy to return to if the customer returns to the Workshop for deferred work.

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Customer Approval

Identified work can be accepted, deferred or declined by the customer, or returned to Parts for a new estimate – all recorded against the vehicle. If work is deferred or declined it is automatically added to the Aftersales Diary for future follow-up.

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Hand held integration

Optimised for handheld devices, such as an iPod Touch, VHC can be completed with ease by a technician and available within Pinewood.

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Send via SMS

Send an SMS with a short URL to allow your customer to view their VHC – an alternative to email, and one which can further reduce delays in starting on identified work, improving Workshop efficiency.

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Grayhams supports entrepreneurs in the automotive sector thanks to the application of the leading and future oriented Pinewood DMS.

Grayhams is the exclusive dealer of Pinewood, the innovative DMS for the automotive industry.

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