The feeds contain all the information needed to display your stock on your website and can be customised easily by your web team

Hosted Feeds

Once switched on, your website simply points to a hosted real-time file, meaning no uploads, downloads or updates.

Pictures & Video

Any pictures and videos associated to the listing are automatically displayed in a gallery available to flick through


Customer Enquiries

Online enquiries placed go straight into Pinnacle as an internet lead for your sales team to follow up on

Your stock automatically displayed on your website

Automatically display Used Vehicle Stock information held in Pinnacle using stock feeds, such as mileage, condition, price, etc. and associated photos and videos directly on your website

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Pinnacle displays used vehicles and associated photos directly on your website via our XML feed

This feed is an automatically generated file that holds all the code your website administrator needs to plug directly into a customer friendly design.

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Save time with automatic updates

Remove the need to manually add or remove used vehicles. Pinnacle publishes vehicle information and all associated images.

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Grayhams supports entrepreneurs in the automotive sector thanks to the application of the leading and future oriented Pinnacle DMS.

Grayhams is the exclusive dealer of Pinnacle, the innovative DMS for the automotive industry.

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