Entrepreneurship means that you can foresee developments and have an ability to move towards it. Your organization develops and improves itself continuously. You can expect the same from your Pinewood DMS. Grayhams enables this growth with biweekly releases, with a flexible subscription and regular enhancements. The DMS is arranged in a way that your key-users can easily navigate the system to find what they need with a minimal need for training. Support is done appropriately through the learning management system and SharePoint. If desired, our experienced automotive professionals are at your service.


As an entrepreneur in the automotive industry you want to have a good and affordable way to help you take care of the specialist areas that aren’t part of your core business expertise. Thanks to a cooperation with Grayhams it’s possible to realise those requests. You will continuously experience the comfort of a sophisticated DMS that will constantly move with your organization, which is remarkably easy to use and whereby the future oriented direction of your organization will be significantly simplified, without any high fixed costs. And there is more… Grayhams also provides additional services, including your IT, process improvement and ISO, payroll, purchase support (facilities, etc.) and strategic advice. Entrepreneurship starts with Grayhams!!


Pinewood DMS is cloud based. This means that you can share your documents and information causing you to work smarter. You and others from your organization only need a log in after all from any device anywhere worldwide to reach for instance the stock, orders, CRM information, email, spreadsheets, letters, correspondence, addresses or databases.

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Country Specific Suppoert

Do you have specific questions or do you need advice for solutions which can be provided by Grayhams for your organization? Then it’s nice to know that there is a team of English-speaking specialist technicians available to assist you.
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Emergency Service

There is a special emergency service of Grayhams available during opening hours. The staff will take care of your requests quickly and effectively. Because of this you can quickly continue serving your customers, without further delay. A pleasant thought!
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Customized Trainingsshedule

Working with Grayhams and Pinewood DMS offers many innovative tools. We provide your staff personalized training so they can exploit all the opportunities we have to offer and in that way your company gets the best possible service.

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One Contact

Entrepreneurship means that you can foresee developments and have an ability to move towards it. Besides a sophisticated DMS that will constantly move with your organization Grayhams offers a lot of additional services for the automotive industry. Entrepreneurship starts with Grayhams!


How do you keep up with alterations in the automotive industry, in fact; how can you take a leading position in this? By taking part of our workshops you will be able to react on the latest developments and to improve your knowledge and strength.

Time saves money

Certainly, participation in a workshop costs you time. And your time is undoubtedly costly. However, participation in our workshops, you can just bring a lot. Your organization will be able to operate more efficiently, more effective and future-oriented. Participating means winning!

The world is changing. Change with it.

Information ages quickly. That includes knowledge and skills. The workshops Grayhams hold up a mirror. Put you on edge. Provide you with unprecedented energy. This allows you to change each boss.

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Grayhams supports entrepreneurs in the automotive sector thanks to the application of the leading and future oriented Pinewood DMS.

Grayhams is the exclusive dealer of Pinewood, the innovative DMS for the automotive industry.

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