Focused customer experience and maximising data value

As customers become increasingly aware of their power as consumers, dealerships able to offer a high quality personal service supported by a solid CRM strategy will have a significant advantage over their competitors. Additionally as manufacturers’ CSI results often directly affect financial performance it is vital that customer relationship management is at the heart of your dealership’s strategy.

Enquiry Management

The CRM module within Pinewood manages the prospect leads within your dealership and also allows users to analyse and segment the database for ongoing marketing to existing customers. Integrated contact plans pre-populate the salesperson’s diary ensuring that there are no wasted opportunities and also schedules activities for the whole sales team. In turn the Sales Manager can review sales team activity from within CRM which provides reporting down to an individual sales person and deal level on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Target Marketing

The powerful selection and reporting tool within CRM allows users to select contacts and builds targeted Marketing campaigns suited to their own requirement. This allows users to closely match their offer to their target database, increasing sales opportunities. Once the database is segmented, communications can then be sent out by post, email or SMS text messaging.

Vehicle Matching

Simple one click matching of a customer’s requirements to existing vehicle stock or even to customers with vehicles they wish to sell provides ongoing opportunities for both part-exchange and upgrade vehicle sales. Vehicle match can be run against local stock and sites within the same trading group to offer the widest possible choice of vehicles.

After Sales Continuity

Once a vehicle is sold details automatically populate the after sales diary, providing the workshop with contact plans to make the most of ongoing maintenance opportunities. After sales contact management supports service reminders, parts ordered, outstanding work and CSI follow-up, all of which function as automated options linked to email and SMS text messaging.

Correspondence Management

All in and outbound customer correspondence may be stored within the contact history for an individual customer. Emails, SMS, letters and any scanned documentation can be loaded to be viewed using Pinewoods built in document viewer.

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