Stock analysis to maximise profit opportunities

Effective stock management is the key to the success of both new and used sales departments. Up-to-date and accurate information coupled with strong workflow control allows management to maintain stock turnover for maximum return on investment.

Pinewood helps you to manage the process from manufacturer order through customer deposit, preparation invoice and final profit analysis. Vehicle Management supports the sales team in enquiry management, managing the sales process with customers, taking ordered with deposits and with integrated debit/credit card transaction processing – helping to reduce back office administration, while emphasising control.

Comprehensive Invoicing

Multiple invoices for a single deal with unlimited part exchange potential will provide for the most complex of customer invoicing requirements.


Used vehicle depreciation can be posted so that as the stand-in value is adjusted the relevant departmental expense can be debited with the cost. Depreciation journals may be imported from Microsoft Office.

Profit Analysis & Financial Control

The Pinewood reporting functionality provides full profit analysis by individual deal, expanding into group, dealership, department, salesperson, vehicle type and sales type. Comprehensive reporting including creditor and debtor reporting provides accurate cash flow forecasting information.

Pricing & Evaluations

New vehicle pricing can be automatically imported from manufacturers and a number of third party providers saving time and administration. Used vehicle valuations data is available both at the point of sale and thereafter available as part of daily stock management reporting.

Cost Management & Prep Control

Real-time vehicle preparation requests and cost management means accurate and up-to-date stand-in values. Integrated with purchase ordering, preparation costs can be managed from sub contractors and from the internal workshop departments providing the Sales department with full visibility of completion status with a drill down to detailed preparation invoices. Anticipated costs for internal work can be accrued to support the real-time management of stock.

Bonus & Finance Commission

All anticipated bonus and finance income is managed by individual vehicle and sales ledger account to ensure accurate profit analysis and financial control, helping to ensure that all payments are received from manufacturers and finance companies on time and in full. Financial information can be easily uploaded from Microsoft Excel to make bulk processing of vehicles time efficient.

Demo Creation & Internal Transfers

Routines are provided to take the administration out of converting new cars into demonstrators. Vehicles can also be transferred between departments without the need to re-key information, maintaining visibility of all preparation whichever department carried out the work.

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